Saturday, October 29, 2011

Uncomfortable Zones

Today I'm going abseiling. Terrific. Little bit out of my comfort zone, but exciting, different, adrenaline filled.
Ridiculously I am going to be filmed whilst abseiling. For a short segment shown several times a day for weeks at a time on a local tv channel. All about ticking things off your Bucket List. So far there has been a lady learn to sail and a man skydive. Now me. Stay at home Mum goes way out of her comfort zone and abseils down cliff face.
I'm nervous about doing the abseil. Stepping backwards into nothing is possibly going to make me wee myself (just a little bit), but thats not what really scares me. It's the being on tv part that makes me want to vomit. The seeing myself on tv that sends a cold shiver down my spine. The possibility of me saying or doing something terribly embarrassing that will make me cringe for the next 3 years.
But I'm doing it anyway. Enjoying the rush of nerves and anticipation, over thinking what I'm going to say, excited and shitting myself all in one about this adventure. I'm so pleased that I'm putting myself out there. I'm so brave! It could all go pearshaped, but once again I can fall back on the knowledge that my family support and love me and think I'm alright whatever I do. So yay me and walking backwards off a cliff, here I come!