Friday, December 20, 2013

Sharing is Caring.

Well, well, well.
Quick summary. I emailed my Aunty Kate with my story Mummy. Asked her to please show my 96 year old Grandpa, who is, quite simply a wonderful, good, kind man. I spoke to him about a week later, he encouraged me to share it, asked it he could share it.
I had a few glasses of wine and thought It Was Time. I tried to post just the story on Facebook, couldn't, so instead posted the link to Mummy on this blog.
I've been writing this blog for over 3 years. It's like a private public journal, where I write my truths, knowing only a few friends will read it, maybe some strangers. It has kept me honest, it's become a 'hobby' and has made me pay more attention to the quality of my writing. I love to write and when I read back on this blog sometimes it hurts, often I laugh, always I'm proud. This is mine, these are my words, my stories. My life.
Only once have I publicly linked it on Facebook. I am afraid of people judging me, of putting myself out there, of (god forbid) someone not liking what I have to say.
Wink wink. Bring it on.
So I post it at 10 on a Monday night. Close the computer, go to bed.
Tuesday morning. 11 Shares. 20 comments. 300 views.
Wednesday morning. 700 views. Comments on the shares.
Thursday morning. 900 views. Many likes. Comments on the blog.
900 views! Of my story. My words. My boys, shared with 900 people.
I've been overwhelmed by the love. People have been overwhelmed by my story. They have said wonderful things. They have begun to understand. They have empathised. They feel compassion.
This is more than I could ever have imagined. And I am humbled and delighted.
Thank you.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Holiday

The kids and I are currently in Adelaide for a 10 day holiday at my Mums. She sold her big house in the Adelaide hills and bought a much smaller duplex in a beachside suburb - thank you cheezuz.
We are 10 minutes walk away from everything, shops, cafes, pubs, beach - compared to the 30 minute walk to not much in her previous suburb.
I'm loving it. We are 3 days in and have been to the beach everyday and it is glorious. Sunny, sandy, surfy, shelly. I feel like a child again, in a grown up sort of way. Collecting shells for sandcastles, chasing the kids around, splashing about in the salty water. I feel healthy, happy and relaxed.
I said as much to my darling first born today and he replied  thoughtfully 'well, you don't look any worse mum'.
Thanks dickhead.
He and Mum are the best of mates and have been watching old episodes of Mr Bean together for 'resting time' in the afternoon. The sound of them giggling/chortling/cracking up is like music to my ears. It's brilliant.
Yesterday Maggie and I laid down together after lunch. As we drifted off to sleep she whispered to me 'My Mummy. My Mummy here'. She sure is kid, she sure is.