Friday, June 26, 2015

Lost and Found

This post is kind of a combination of the last 2 that I submitted to ABC Open 500words.
Such a great opportunity to write and be read! The theme of this month was Lost and Found, hence my original title.

What I lost : The use of my right hand
What I found : my other hand
I've never been particularly good at sport and was reminded of this when I broke my right hand whilst playing netball some months ago. My third meta carpal suffered a diagonal 'unstable' break as a result of me running and trying to play netball. Never again.
I endured the pain for a day before even my delightful codeine haze couldn't hide the fierce throb of terrible injury. My Dr winced when he saw my X-ray and the emergency nurse made sure to hook me up with some quality Endone. Thanks man. I can't remember what you look like but I'll never forget you.
I'm informed my break will need surgery, which included a plate and seven screws. Yes that does seem like a lot, but expensive surgeon knows best. I'm still paying that rich man off, a slow and humiliating process as I haven't worked since my injury.
These are some of the things you can't do when you break your dominant hand.
Use scissors.
Do your bra up.
Comb your childs hair (especially when said child does not like hair to be combed).
Use a stove (safely).
Drive a car (safely)
Open jars.
There are more, but I'm boring myself.
So as dire as this was, something amazing happened.
I found out I had a left hand!
I always knew she was there, but she was so submissive! She never did a thing for herself. She just followed along with Mr Right.
Just to clarify - I never knew my hands were different sexes. But they definitely are, sexist as this may seem. It's been a big few months of learning for everybody. We're getting there.
To begin with, she was very shy. Unsure of her abilities and very out of practise. We started immediately to write, first like a 4 year old then better and better until I self proclaimed my script to be on par with a 12 year old. 8 years handwriting progress in 6 weeks!! Astonishing.
I'm not one to wear a lot of make up but I do like a strong eyebrow. My first attempt was heavy, messy, uneven. My mind was working so hard at telling Ms Left what to do, but it was sluggish, unnatural and tiring! Using so much mind power is draining. My eyebrow vanity was determined and those bushy delights over my eyes are further proof - the human mind is capable of great things.
It turns out the list of things I can do with my left hand is way longer than the things I can't do with a broken hand.
So good job Ms Left. I'll never forget you again.