Monday, January 17, 2011

An adventure in tofu

I did some careful meal planning this week, Thai recipe book out on Saturday, market shopping Sunday, enough herbs & veggies to do 3 meals. Larb Tofu Monday, Thai Beef Salad Tues, grilled fish Wednesday. Was fairly confident.
Turns out Larb Tofu ain't much fun for the novice tofu chef such as myself. Drain it, chop it, deep fry it, mix with salad & herbs & dressing. The deep frying was the problem. My first batch had a slightly crispy edge but the rest of it was just rubbery snot. And so on and so on with the following three.
Thankfully I had the foresight to throw 8 tiny pork sausages into the oven in case my son wouldn't eat the tofu. Cut up some extra salad, butter sone day old bread and voila...
Pigs in blankets & thai coriander salad, with a side of tomato sauce. Delicious.
Tuesday night goes to plan! A lovely Thai Beef Salad, an almost happy baby & a trip to the waterpark to sate a 4 year olds appetite. All this on 4.5 hours sleep. The odd psycho Mother moment, but got through without hurting anyone.

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