Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Short & Sweet

This is what I say it is...short & sweet.
I'm slightly consumed by The Hunger Games at the moment - a trilogy written by Suzanne Collins (ideally for teenagers) but like John Marsden before her, I cannot get my head out of this exciting, frightening, nail biting series. Makes for a few issues concerning parenting and housework but I'm managing.
I'm finding an ally in red wine. It doesn't have any connotations other than a relaxing vibe. No smoking, no restlessness, no rage, just mellow. Quite the friend at dinnertime especially when my son is pulling out all the rude behaviours he has in his arsenal, winding his Dad up completely. I'm alternating between deep breaths and deep gulps and feeling quite relaxed about the whole thing.
Donno is no better. The chemo is doing horrible things to him and I get the feeling some days he wishes he were dead rather than living through this torture. Hard to hear about but so much worse to live through - my heart breaks for him and Mum, nothing I can do except sms them cheeky photos of my children and occasionally remind Donno to please avoid any white lights he may be drawn to.
If in doubt, make a bad joke.
Watching reality tv weight loss shows, finding them both inspiring and pathetic. One at me watching them and two at the folks who have let this happen to themselves. Josh hates them so much that he refuses to have them on (I totally understand his pain, but I just cant stop) so I've resorted to taking my glass of wine downstairs and watching them in the granny flat. Quite nice to have a little quiet time down there.
And then there is running. Me running. 7km every Friday night with a friend and another 5 -10 km at separate times through the week. It's wonderful. Don't think about it, just do it. I'm almost ready to call myself a runner now, it's all very inspiring. I'll save it for another blog.
So that wasn't so short. The only sweet part I have is in order to control my sweet cravings and tendency to impulse buy junk food I have taken to stocking my freezer with dark chocolate. So every night I grab 6 squares & allow it to completely hit the spot. Which is also does some days after lunch and occassionally about 3 pm, but this is a good thing because antioxidants are Important.
And now I'm off to begin 'Mockingjay' the third in this series of books that I want everyone to read and love as much as I do! The sad part is it will soon be over for me (I'll have this thing done & dusted by this time tomorrow - the joys of being a speed reader) but for YOU the adventure could be about to begin!

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  1. Hi Clare, I have read your blog from top to bottom and I love it! You're a great writer - I can relate to a lot of the things you write about (omg!!! especially when the kids were little - I'm actually not sure how I survived). And the breast feeding Nazi - that had me laughing out loud (I'm far too mature to be "LOLing") :-)