Monday, March 12, 2012

A monologue

I got a round of applause after sharing this with my creative writing class tonight and went home with what I can only describe as 'writers high'. Most of it is is actually based on reality & all happened this afternoon, but they didn't need to know that ;)

If I was Luke Skywalker I would use my life saver and chop my Mums head off. She keeps telling me it's called a Light Saber but what would she know, she doesn't understand Star Wars.
I was talking on the phone to Nanna today telling her about Colonel Grevious and Obi One Kenobi and Mum INTERRUPTED me and said I had to tell Nanna about other stuff, like school and the baby bird we found that nearly got died. Which is not even fair because I LOVE Star Wars and Nanna is very good at listening to me but then I started telling her about how our dog got it and bited it's wing and we yelled at her LET IT GO!
Then we put that naughty dog in the pool area and we wrapped the baby bird up into a towel. Mum said it was scared and we had to use quiet voices and if I sat down I could hold it. I put one hand underneath and another hand around the towel and Mum said whatever you do Don't Squeeze. I held it very gently near my chest and I could feel it's tiny heart beating real fast, it was very scared without it's Mum.
Then we put it down on the ground and left it for a while so it would feel better and we went upstairs because today we got Hot Cross Buns for afternoon tea and I got to have one with Strawberry Jam! It was so delicious.

Then we remembered that baby bird and we went downstairs to check it but it was gone! We couldn't believe it, Mum said it's Mummy must have found it and took it back to the nest.
Then we took that naughty dog for a walk and I rode my bike but now I am Very Angry because Mum makes me ride up that hill and I Hate It because it makes my legs hurt but she says I have to. And it makes me Very frustrated and Mum is Very annoying to me because she says do I think she does it to be mean? Or do I think she does it to make me stronger and better at bike riding? And I have to say the stronger one but actually I think she does it to be mean because I just hate that hill So Much.
So that's why if I was Luke Skywalker I would kill all the badguys with my life saver and I would chop Mum's head off so she would stop always telling me stuff I have to do. But it's okay, she wouldn't be died, she would just get a new head but this one wouldn't be so bossy.

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