Saturday, October 13, 2012

Great Full

These past few weeks I've been taking some time out from my occasionally messy head to reflect on things that I'm grateful for. There are many, yet sometimes they are upside down and just need to be turned around.
One example of this occurred a few weeks ago. I attended my friends Hens Night which was about 30 women, mostly from 'down south', all old friends and family. Some were very nice, some funny and of course a few were a bit dull, but it was nice to be a local and meet new people. One of the old friends was chatting with me and made a comment relating to my having lived in the Territory all my life. 'Have you never lived anywhere else?' she asked me somewhat condescendingly. I replied that I had been to many places, and even spent more than a night in lots of them, but that yes, I had lived almost my whole life in the NT.
When I got home it was playing on my mind. I felt as though this person was taking the piss out of me, judging me to be a bit naive and possibly unworldly because I was from the Territory. Proudly from the Territory. Happy in the Territory. Living a successful and busy life in the Territory. Before I knew it I had gone from feeling a bit flat to feeling like a bit of a champion, because I know who I am and I'm proud to be a Territorian. I'm double proud to have born my children here, because it's a special place and a special breed. My partners father was born in Alice Springs, our blood is here, our history.
I'm extraordinary grateful that I am here.
Another warm fuzzy came during our weekly 'talk' for our 12 week challenge. We were asked to write down the names of the people who we could talk to when we were struggling with things, particularly relating to the challenge. I wrote down 4 names, thinking that would do. When we went around the room, out of the 6 people present, 3 of them had struggled to write down a single persons name. In the end most had written Mum. I felt both sad for them and confused with myself. I have almost a whole handful of people I wouldn't hesitate to talk to if I needed. How lucky am I? Why do I still have so many excuses as to why I'm miserable? Far too many excuses methinks. It was a great reminder of how much I have, how blessed I am.
Speaking of blessed today my gorgeous boy lost his first tooth. My first baby, the first tooth we ever saw grow in him. He then lost it down the sink whilst cleaning it for the tooth fairy, but we have written her a note so fingers crossed he will still get some cash.
My lovely daughter is learning to stomp and stamp and be perfectly 2. She couldn't/wouldn't go to sleep tonight so I sat in with her, holding her close as she cuddled in and fell asleep on me. Such a joy, such a privilege. Such a lovely girl.
Not to mention a frivolous night at bookclub last night with new friends, a fast approaching holiday for 2 days on my own, then 3 days with Josh! Whatever shall we do with ourselves?!
I'm feeling humble and grateful today. Thanks for reading x


  1. That's what I love best about living in the Territory, all the great friends you make here. Friends that will be there for you through thick & thin.

    I know people who have never left South Australia, just moved from one northern suburb of Adelaide to another. Never gone overseas, just Adelaide. I think if you only stayed in the NT your view of the world would be much broader than if you only lived in Adelaide. In the NT you meet more people from other places, you are friends with Aboriginal Australians. You have a much broader view of the world. Yet no one would think twice if you said you had only ever lived in Adelaide.

    I agree with you, the NT is great place to live and a great place to raise kids, hence why we moved back here from Vancouver. Love the NT.