Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Working Week

I am 3 weeks into my life as a part time working mother. I should write that with capitals....but
I am so freaking tired.
My body, my head, my mind.
So much to take in, to give out, to learn, to live, to do....
I love it. I love having to be somewhere at 9am, I love being relied upon, I love talking to so many different people throughout the day.
I had not realised that this was what I was missing.
I love the car ride from work to pick up kids, that solitary 10 minutes to prepare for the next shift.
I love that the time that I have with my kids is richer, funnier, happier.
Which is not to say that's how all of our time is spent together.
Maggie has been throwing some truly magnificent tantrums. It's like Paranormal Activity has control of her body. Somebody call an exorcist. Help! My daughter is possessed by a demon....
Full respect to her for them, and fortunately, so far they are Private Shows only, just for us lucky few who live with her at home.
Leo has been crying wolf about being sick for school, a completely new phenomenon. Most mornings from me he gets a bit of sympathy, a gentle prod in the right direction followed with a suck it up and get ready for school. He is fine.
I'm alternating the times I pick them up after school, so we have a small amount of solo time together whilst we go to pick up other child.
I've managed to squeeze in a whole week (and by that I mean 4 days, it is Easter) of waking early & taking the dog for a walk. This has occurred two weeks running and I'm thinking I might be close to making this a habit. I've even managed to ramp it up to a 3k jog plod a couple of mornings, impressive, yes, I am.
We were supposed to go camping but it has rained more in the past week than it has this entire Wet season so we stayed home instead. I've done some gardening, some drinking and even some pot smoking. Having a terrific time. Not getting quite as much done as I dreamt I would, but the floors got cleaned today, the soil looks healthy (such a sense of achievement in helping dirt become Better dirt) and most importantly our little family is all together driving one another mad with love.

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  1. I am so happy for you Clare. It is so great being a part-time working mum, it's the best of both worlds. For three days I get a lunch hour to myself to do what ever I want. it's fabulous. At the end of the day I get time to play with Lulu & I get Mondays & Fridays with her, it's perfect. Never, ever feel guilty about being a working mum. It makes you a more rounded person & it gives your kids a chance to become more rounded kids. Win win.