Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Right Stuff

Several times this past few weeks I have managed to 'get it right'.
This is a written record so it can never be forgotten.
Hubby went crabbing on Sunday. This meant I was at home with a clingy 2 year old, an 'I don't know' 7 year old, and an extraordinarily untidy house.
I got a load of washing on and played 'toys' for over an hour before my temperature started to rise. I mean seriously, as if I ever get to go crabbing.
For the record I never wish to go crabbing, I was just having a low moment.
Ideally I could have plonked the kids in front of a dvd for 90 minutes and cleaned that damn house.

Sadly, my children are going through a 'I hate what he/she wants to watch and there will be no peace in our home if he/she continues to watch it' with one another, so dvd's are not the old friend they once were.
This is what I did. Cut up some cheese and veggie sticks. Mixed up some olives, threw together some ham & butter sandwiches, minus the crusts, packed it all up in the one Tupperware container I've ever really liked, put our camping chairs in the boot and drove 5 minutes down the road to our local park.
We bought poppas and chips to share from the corner store and wait for it, wait for it....
We sat at the park for near on 2 hours, playing, chatting, sitting. The weather was glorious, the park was quietly busy and I felt like possibly the greatest Mother ever.
Yes the house is still in something of a state. However the washing keeps getting done and again, I'll take that as a win. It could be worse.
My work life continues to throw both challenges and great moments of joy at me. In one day I have had the pleasure of introducing 3 teenage boys from 3 different countries to the magic that is The Goonies. Wonderful to hear them laugh at the same scenes that still make me laugh. At the same time I am struggling to deal with a young man's desperate plea for answers - how much longer will I be here? When can I live in the community? Why can't anybody give me an answer?It was frustrating, humbling and unsettling. I left work that day and came home to that clingy 2 year old, who I snuggled and cuddled and spooned the heck out of. I have never been so grateful, or so full of love for this noisy little demanding creature who is my Maggie.
That would have been my conclusion to this ode to patting myself on the back, however my technological prowess has reminded me that even on our best days, we can still fall flat. I really, really like the above song by Florence & The Machine and have in fact been wearing out the soundtrack to The Great Gatsby, both in my car & at home. The version I have so smugly selected for this blog, however, is terrible. Unfortunately, it is beyond my skills and powers to remove the fucking thing from this post, so we are all stuck with it. My apologies.
Yes I've posted it twice. Concluded.


  1. They seriously just don't get why we get mad when they come back from a boys camping weekend talking about a solo trip to Germany & another boys trip on the next long weekend! While we haven't had a kid break since last year! UGH
    You're a great mum, the picnic idea sounds wonderful.
    Ask Nathan about his flight to Adelaide. Poor sucker was stuck next to me & Lulu. Lulu kept passing him my iphone so he could watch Sesame Street. She must have though he was a good fellow because by the end of the flight she kept standing against him & hugging him. Good times x

  2. Uncle Nathan has a way with many people, particularly kids!
    We picnic'ed again this weekend & it was just as good - determined to enjoy as much of this Dry Season as we can! Terrific excuse not to do housework ;)