Friday, October 4, 2013

Good stuff

Some good news.
1) Xiao Chai Hu Tang. A chinese herb recommended to me that has improved my Ross River Symptoms enormously. I've been taking it for 2 weeks and feel like me again. And that feels preety bloody good.
2) 2 job interviews, 2 job offers. I know. My grin stretches from ear to ear. What a legend. Saying no to one was difficult, but saying yes to the other was bloody brilliant.
3) 4 days in Sydney training for new job. Staying in a lovely hotel, meeting excellent people, learning new skills and preparing to start the next phase of my working life. I am excited!
4) Coming home after 4 days away. My daughter running to me and I scoop her into my arms. I am madly in love with my lot. Possibly the luckiest person alive.

Something else happened while I was away. Fate intervened in my life in a most wonderful way.
4 weeks ago one of the boys I had farewelled so sadly to Tasmania emailed to tell me he was being transferred to Sydney. He was being moved to Community Detention - living in a house, in a suburb, with a youth worker and 5 other boys of similar ethnicity and age.
I found out 2 weeks later I would be going to Sydney for work. Arrive late Monday, 3 full days of training, leave early Friday. I decided not to tell him I would be there. I can only stretch myself so far. I did however, ask for his new address. He told me. I checked my maps app twice. Surely not. He would be living 3.4 kms away from where I was based for the 3 days. Not only that, but one of the boys he lived with was another I had grown very close to during his time in Darwin.
I emailed back to say I was going to be in Sydney. The boys sent me their numbers. They wrote back several times to say they were happy that they would see me soon. I was almost more excited to see them than I was at the prospect of my new job.
After the first days training I walked to the boys home. I rang them when I was halfway there and they walked to meet me. What a sight for us all to approach one another on that busy Sydney street, free and happy. So happy. They took me to their home, showed me their photos, their rooms, introduced me to their friends. One of the boys cooked a traditional lamb dish and we laughed, we reminisced, we ate together. It was one of the best nights of my life. Finally we hugged goodbye, this time without tears and I left, feeling wonderful. Another memory I will never forget, involving these gorgeous boys and the role we play in one anothers life. I have been truly blessed.


  1. So glad to hear you have found a saviour in Xiao Chai Hu Tang! Not surprised about your job offers - you are so clever and you're definitely meant to be working with people! And last but not least - great story about catching up with the boys, especially after my tears from your last blog :-)