Sunday, November 24, 2013


I've been terrifically busy being an adult lately, so much so I haven't had much time for blogging.
First things first, I've gone slightly mad and decided I don't like public speaking so much that I should do more of it! So I wrote (more) about my time working in Immigration Detention and then read my piece, Mummy, in front of about 20 people at a 'Feast of Stories' evening last week. I was terribly nervous, and barely glanced up from my paper as I read, but nobody booed and I didn't wee my pants, so SUCCESS!
Now somehow I've volunteered to read the same piece at a Community Dinner tonight, where there is usually about 100 people. I'm still nervous, but confidently so. I will have friends and my family there, so I'm planning on both looking up from my paper AND being amazing.
I've posted 'Mummy' on here, if you have been reading this blog for a while you will be familiar already with much of the story but....too bad. Read it anyway ;)
I read a great book last week and I would like to recommend it. It's called 'The Fields' and was written by Kevin Maher. It's set in Ireland in the early 80's and the central character is 14 year old Jim Finnegan, the youngest of 6 kids and the only boy. It was funny, terrible and had an ending you will either love or hate. I loved it.
My next recommendation is a film called Enough Said. It stars Julia Lewis Dreyfuss AKA Elaine from Seinfeld and James Gandolfini AKA Tony Soprano. It was a lovely film and I was blown away with the acting by the 2 leads. I did not know they had it in them to be so soft and warm. I laughed and I cried and that is such a winning combination.
That's all for now. I'm off to visualise my award winning performance of my spoken word piece. Peace.

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