Saturday, January 10, 2015

Every (2-3) days I'm shuffling

I've started running again.
To clarify that - I've started shuffling again. I am beyond slow. It's possible I walk faster than I run.
Nevertheless it's definitely classified as running. And I'm doing it, regularly.
I've hooked up runkeeper, who cheers me on via my iphone & keeps sending me emails telling me what personal records I've broken. I love it. So supportive.

I've several playlists to choose from, all fast, dancey, motivating tracks. I've taken to wearing a headband so the earbuds stay in my ears, as it seems my entire body is capable of sweating, including my inner ear. I like to think I look pretty cool with that headband on, in fact I'm sure of it. Without it my hair is frizzy, several shades of brown/blond/grey and messy. Always messy. Even when I 'do' my hair it still looks messy. The humidity in Darwin only adds to my windswept appearance. Doesn't bother me most of the time, unless I catch a surprise glimpse of myself in a window and I wonder who is that strange looking person and why doesn't she brush her hair?

My feet have been troubling me for over 18 months now. Heel spurs, plantar fascitis, whatever it's called they hurt. Like crushed glass beneath the skin on the sole of my foot. Being overweight doesn't help matters. In fact, according to that rude and slightly offensive BMI chart I am now considered obese. My poor feet. What a load they must carry. I thought I would never run again, considering how hard it often was to walk. Then I found out about orthodics. Inserts for your shoes. You can have special ones fitted by a podiatrist, but that costs a lot. I went with middle of the range one size fits all from the physio and hello! My feet don't hate me anymore. I'm even feeling quite fond of them again.

Anyway, the running. The first few minutes it hurts, I reassure myself I will only keep going for another minute or two, then I'll walk for a bit. The next few minutes hurt more but I suck it up. Breathe and plod. Breathe and plod. Breathe and plod. Then miraculously that's what I'm doing, my mind is wandering but focussed. Breathe and plod. Breathe and plod.

I'm not going far, or for long periods. Averaging about 3k, running/shuffling/plodding for most of it.
I'm stretching like a yogi afterward (the trick is to keep my headphones in & let the music keep me moving), drinking heaps of water and feeling....shit hot. I love it.

Yesterday I took the dog to the beach and mostly we walked, but we are in the middle of a glorious monsoon and soon enough we were in the midst of some serious rainfall. So I ran, over the sand, laughing, puffing, running back to the car. It was a magnificent feeling, free as a bird and completely willing and able to run. The dog loves it. I love it. That's pretty good.

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