Saturday, April 11, 2015

Of All The Luck

Congratulations are in order. Not only did I get selected for my first ever jury duty but I also broke my right hand! In the words of the hipsterish cool kids I work with: 'I know - right?'.
I feel its necessary to add I am in something of a codeine riddled haze but that it is working for me, especially the staring at nothing/can't really move out of my chair thing I've got going on.
I've made it to the computer, am not gonna give up now.
So I get selected as unlucky for some juror #13 on Tuesday morning. Meaning I'm to sit through the entire (3-4day) trial as a reserve and unless someone drops out I will be dismissed before the real jury decided their verdict.
Someone drops out - I'm off the bench! I thought this was kind of cool until I had to spend almost an entire day in a windowless room with 11 almost strangers trying to come to a unanimous decision about the fate of another almost stranger. Not fun, but we did it.
Broken hand and all.
Wednesday night we play mixed netball. 2 minutes to go, I'm gunning for the ball, get my fingers caught up in the netting that encloses our court, feel something tear/pop/wrench in my hand but I carry on, run around & avoid the ball as much as possible until time is called.
I feel very light headed, am clasping my injured hand tightly to my body and may possibly vomit. I'm aware I've done some damage but not willing to speculate. I consider going to emergency butfigure if I rest it, ice it and compress it I'll be right by the morning.
Fortunately a dear friend and team mate gives me some night time mercyndol and after 2 of those I'm the most relaxed I have possibly ever been. How did I not know about this drug? Mummys little helper.

So I spend the next day still on jury duty in pretty good pain but fairly well medicated, so it's bearable. One doctor visit and xray later (both bulk billed - no cost to me - Australia I love you) I'm in the hospital emergency room with an unstable meta carpal fracture. The nurse gives me an endone for the pain and the next 4 hours are really lovely.


  1. It occurred to me tonight to see if you has any new posts since I've not checked for months - to my delight you have - doesn't really matter what you write about it's entertaining reading Thanks for taking that break for the team mate, that's real dedication xo

  2. Ps it's high time you started watching sons - let me know when you want me to drop the first few seasons around x