Sunday, February 28, 2016

My Next Life

There is this slightly annoying advert on tv for our local university that says....'Are You Ready For Your Next Life?' in regards to enrolling in and studying for a degree. Well it turns out that I am ready for my next life, but it doesn't begin with university.
A few weeks ago I had a sad few days in preparation for Maggie heading off to full time school. I knew she would love it, that she was ready for it, that it would be amazing but I was desolate that my baby was moving on. Parenting has broken my heart a few times and this was one of them.
Until I got home that first morning after dropping her off, took my newly fixed bike on a 10k ride and felt a freedom I hadn't known for YEARS! The combination of muscle burn, sweat and the wind in my hair was perfect for such a big day.
I've never been much good at housewifing and although the floors are clean and the meals are (occasionally) delicious I had been feeling pretty flat - enjoying my freedom but not feeling any sense of purpose?
So I applied for a job.... THEN I GOT THE JOB! With a wonderful organisation as the coordinator of a new program working part time hours. It's everything I wanted! I still can't quite believe it's happened. I have this ridiculous, hysterical feeling of joy and promise and PURPOSE!
So tonight is the eve of my next life beginning. I needed to share it, because it's a bloody great feeling. Thanks for reading x

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