Thursday, July 21, 2016

Revealing Women

Last night I performed in a show for the Fringe Festival called Revealing Women.
We were 6 women, each telling our own stories along the themes of vulnerability, naked, forbidden and strong.
The rehearsals were good, but occasionally arduous and nerve wracking - how would we ever learn our lines in time?
I was excited, but terrified.
My piece was a bit rude, definitely not something I could rehearse around the children at home. I recorded it onto my phone, then rehearsed over and over in my car, walking the dog, on my lunch break.
I was terrified that I would freeze on stage and completely forget or fluff my lines.
All of a sudden it's performance night. I feel okay and I look okay, particularly after one of the girls loans me her amazing red lipstick. I'm nervous but calm.
We walk on stage to introduce ourselves and I spot the front row - 8 of my gorgeous friends beaming up at us. I hear them, laughing, cheering, having a wonderful time. There are about 30 people in the crowd and they are fantastic, so enthusiastic and supportive.
Then it's my turn. I walk out, spotlight is so bright, I can't really see anyone, just lights and blackness.
And I nail it. Every word, every pause. I smile and use expression, I feel confident and funny and comfortable telling this story, my story.
It's the same for each of us. The audience are wonderful, we all feel so proud and grateful.
Afterwards my friends come backstage and my dear friend Leisa hands each performer 2 pink roses. I get so many cuddles and compliments and I am buzzing with joy and adrenaline.
I still am.

What a wonderful thing it is to get out of your comfort zone, to push the boundaries, to collaborate with other people. I'm so delighted. Tonight we do it all again!

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  1. Well I can't comment on your first performance (which I have not doubt was fabulous) but I can certainly comment on your second. Brilliant - we had tears of laughter running down our face listening to your story). The whole thing was excellent x