Saturday, March 10, 2018


International Women's Day
I love what it means to be a woman now but also for what we have always been.
Warriors. Caregivers. Lovers. Compassionate. Smart. Wise. Kind.
I started the day driving my11 year old son to school. I mistakenly thought The Weeknd would be suitable background music, despite the explicit never know how many swear words are in a song until you play it loudly in the car with a child. Also quite a lot of misogyny - it's a shame his music is so catchy. I changed to the Black Panther soundtrack and yes it's explicit but at least not crude. Here is The Weeknd redeeming himself...

I went to work surrounded by mostly female colleagues. I belly laugh, reassure, overshare and get shit done. It's a good day.
I come home and ms 7 year old and her friend make an incredible hidey hole in the garden complete with chairs, wooden floor (shelves from a cupboard not in use), basketball and hockey stick. Yesterday at soccer training it was delightful to see a bunch of 7 year old girls dressed head to toe in their team uniform. A little wears a Messi #10 shirt and is extremely talented and I'm convinced that someday another little girl will be wearing her name on the back of her shirt, an ode to her hero(ine).

I've learned a few things since becoming an independent person. I used cable ties to fix the shadecloth around the yard and it was such an effective result that I felt incredible. I've put furniture together with an alan key and today I fixed the chair that needed fixing. I mowed the lawn for the first time age 38 and realised I loved it. I've eaten cheese on crackers for dinner some nights and others created delicious home made food. I've drunk too much and not enough. I've danced in the kitchen, spoken to the moon and taken up yoga.
I feel privileged to be a woman, a human, with all this life around me, within me. I love that almost half my facebook feed is celebrating International Women's Day. I love that I'm a Mother, a Human, a Woman. Hear me roar.

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  1. I too am back ...... reading your blog!
    Isn’t it funny how you see yourself because we all agreed you played great netball that night - although I recognised you were in a shit space, I’ve been in that place many times!! You’re ability to write hasn’t skipped a beat mate, I envy it! When I manage to figure out how to save the link I’ll put it on my phone. Xo