Monday, July 22, 2019

Bali Day 1

So this is the first trip my Mum and I have ever taken just the two of us. 5 full days in Bali with nothing to do but relax, read, write and be beautified. Looking forward to it.
Our plane leaves Darwin at 11.10pm and we are suitably weary when we finally board. I've cracked a valium so am tired but super chill and before I know it we land in Denpasar, get through customs and our driver is waiting for us with my name on a sign - Ms Clare Bizley which I am delighted by. So progressive.
Our hotel is lovely, not the flashiest but has a big pool, not too many kids and the bed is perfection, as is my pillow which is extra large, not too firm but not too soft - I want to live with it forever. I sleep beautifully despite the fact I have a working tv with heaps of English speaking channels and I could seriously be watching tv in bed if I so chose. Have never kept a tv in my bedroom so it's always a treat.
I'm up at 8, eat a mismatched breakfast of fruit, a doughnut and half an omelette, then I'm picked up for my appointment with a no shit legitimate Balinese Healer. I spend almost 2 hours with him, he reads me (accurately), massages the FUCK out of my feet hips and neck and it is pain like childbirth but I breathe through it and afterwards I am light as a feather. No more worries? he asks and I say not today my friend, thank you, terimakasi. He cleans my aura with chanting, oil and his warm hands and it is then that the tears leak from my eyes. Good, he says, good to express.
I go back to the hotel and sleep like a baby for an hour, then Ma and I go for a facial which is simply magnificent and we are glowing like healthy humans as we head for dinner. We have a lovely dinner and some wine looking out over the ocean and I feel relaxed and happy and blessed.
So that was Day One. I read, I wrote, I relaxed and I was beautified - kicking goals the Balinese way.

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