Monday, May 31, 2021

Fat One


She was born chubby

Little fat one, they said

She's so cute, rubbing her soft legs

Squeezing her tight

That fat baby 

Became a little girl

All she wanted 

Was to be big

A big girl

Big like her brother, 

Big and strong


She came to realise

The world around her

Didn't want that 

They wanted her to stay small

And cute

And not take up too much space

They told her she was lovely

When she was slim

They looked the other way

When she wasn't

Or they looked through her

Or called her names

They taught her

That the more of her existing

The less she was worth

And When there was less of her

They told her how good she looked

Eventually she believed them

But she still wanted 

To be big

To be strong

So she hid herself away

In a body made with

Bacon and bread and wine and laziness

She knew, that deep inside

were cheekbones and kindness and a desirable woman

She knew

Who was in there

If they wanted to find her

She was in there

A big, strong, kind one.

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