Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A wedding, a diet and 2 kids

We went to our friends wedding on Saturday, beachside, outdoor venue. It was a lovely day, as one would hope and I rained tears as they said their vows, I can't explain it, let's just say I find meaningful words spoken publicly quite emotional.
I looked fine (note the fine - not yet 'great', 'fantastic' or even "I felt great!' - that's what we're eventually after), a light spray tan, tummy sucker knickers and some bronzer so I fit in perfectly.
As locals we were advised not to bring our children - that there would be kids there but it was preferable if we could just bring ourselves. It was a pain to organise childcare - my initial babysitter fell through, friends who owe us a favour couldn't do it, regular daycare lady had something else on....24 hours before the wedding we were recommended a lovely lady who worked in a childcare centre, spoke to said lady the morning of said wedding and met her 10 minutes before we left her to responsibly care for our children.
We were out for almost 8 hours from about 3.30pm, she charged....wait for it.....if you're in your 30's and used to babysit for neighbours you are about to get freaked out....$20 per hour. Ouch. We got home all wedding merry and happily placed $150 in her palm, impressed by the clean floor, kitchen and of course sleeping children in the bedrooms. It must also be noted that when we left at 3.30 the kids barely looked up from the floor where they were sat with babysitter blowing bubbles and told by Mr 6 the next day 'she was good'. High praise.
I had spoken to a lady at the wedding who said her babysitter charged her $20 for the first 3 hours then $12 per hour after that. Reasonable.
So the moral of todays blog is do not be afraid to pay that little bit extra when wanting an evening out and your children to be well cared for. But also do not be afraid to negotiate on a sum of money before you leave. We probably would have spent the same amount if we had of gone out for dinner, but I tell you, 20 years ago I charged about $5 per hour, if that. Bloody hell.
In other news I have lost the grand total of 2kg in 4 weeks, which certainly is a sustainable loss but also a bloody slow one! Feeling fit, but as usual a bit anxious and overthinky. Did I just coin a new phrase? Feeling a bit overthinky. Planning on paying close attention to my (wo)menstrual cycle this month to see how much of it is hormone related.
Always feels better to blog it out :)

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  1. Hey Clare - gotta love those tummy tuckers! I also have a singlet that's kind of made out of the same material..... Georgie also babysits if you ever get stuck.
    I think you nailed it when you say it's about people expressing themselves in public - i'm exactly the same. Don't make light of 2 kilos - pick up a couple of tubs of marg next time your at the supermarket, its a decent chunk :-)

    Holiday going well so far, now doing a car trip with four kids and let me just say that some days are FUCKING CHALLENGING.