Monday, March 4, 2013

What a week

What a week.
A Job Interview. A panel of 3 and me. Nerves running through me like cocaine, but I manage to pull it off. Said some good stuff, some great stuff and some oh fucking hell what was I thinking stuff.
Not a lot of eye contact as we said our goodbyes and confirmation of a 'thanks for trying but...' came this morning via email.
Screw You Anglicare, you bastards.
Seriously, what a great organisation though. I would have loved to work there.
Anyway, onward and upward.
My friend recommended a Chinese Massage place to me. It's located in Wagaman, next to a take away shop and a corner store. I booked in for a 30 minute session last Tuesday.
Oh good lord.
Best massage ever. Half way through she pulls my knickers down & gives me the greatest back/bottom rub I've ever known. I swear there was nearly a happy ending.
I'll be back.
A group of friends and I have been gathering 2-3 times weekly & exercising. It's fun, hard and motivating. I'm blessed to have good friends & it's lovely to spend quality time productively with them. Eg sweating & laughing ourselves silly.
Finally, re work, I've had an email this morning from my current workplace offering me a position 2 days a week, as a support worker for Unaccompanied Minors in the Detention Centre up here.
I am bloody delighted. I do believe the universe is working with me, or possibly I am working with the universe. Who knows?


  1. When I finished laughing, I read this out to my husband who proceeded to tell me that the particular establishment you refer to is actually renowned for it's happy endings if requested OMG and he qualified that by naming two other places in Darwin that also deliver such a service. Obviously massages are permanently off his list...... Congratulations on the job - bloody Anglicare have no idea what they missed xo

  2. Congrats on the job offer and the awesome massage.
    How awesome is it when you find a group you can exercise with?! I just joined a group of mums & bubs that meet in the park opposite my house each Friday. How's that for convenience? It's fantastic & I am so sore today!