Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Wardrobe

Had a bad day today. 2 cups of coffee and I've been an edgy princess all afternoon.
The day started well, walked to the oval with baby in a pram, dog on a leash, boy & soccer ball close by. Baby fell asleep, dog fetched a stick over & over again, boy & mum played soccer, totally nailed it. Everyone was happy.
Come afternoon it all went slightly pear shaped, a sick hubby, a catnapping baby, question upon question from the 4 year old and a tired me. I'm really not at my best when I'm tired. Sorry family.
Next Friday I am going with some friends to see a play called "The Wardrobe'. Something darkly humorous about a mother of 3 boys locking herself in the cupboard at home for some respite. I can relate.
Only I'd lock myself in the shower, with hot water to drown out all the noise.
Maybe I'd take some wine & nibblies in too, plus my best fluffy towel.
Burn some oil, light some candles.
Maybe a book, I could run a hot, hot bath, throw in the good bubbles.
I think I'm salivating. It won'y happen yet, but it will happen. One day soon. I won't stay in forever, maybe a few hours.
It's a date. Looking forward to it.

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