Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Things are better. I like my daughter. Will keep her. My son too, although the 4 year old attitude is amazing, little punk.
Things on my to do list. If you fall asleep whilst reading it I can't blame you, life is so very mundane these days.
- christmas shopping
- grocery shopping
- rearrange wardrobes in 3 bedrooms
- transfer all cds from plastic covers into plastic slips.
- collate all my journal entries from the past 15 years, along with letters, mementos, photos and create some seriously kick ass scrapbook like things.
- get my hair done. It's horrendous. I wouldn't look in the mirror, however just last week we had new cupboards put into 2 bedrooms and they are fitted with floor to ceiling mirrored sliding doors. Talk about vanity.

Things I have done that are positive
- Joined the gym. Mostly as with school holidays looming I was starting to panic at the prospect of having both children in my care all day long. This way I can hand them over for 90 minutes and get fit by default.
- started seeing a shrink, under a government initiative to help sufferers of post natal depression I get 12 sessions that should cost $212 per hour FOR FREE. This is fantastic. The shrink - ing part is difficult, but I will save that for another day.
- had sex.
- smoked a joint & drank some wine. Sure its not the most responsible thing for a breastfeeding mother to do, but she was asleep at the time (in cot, not on my breast, just to clarify) and it felt so good. A really handy coping mechanism I shall have to remember.

Just found out if I miss the r in breastfeeding it becomes beast feeding. Apt. I needed a title for this blog.

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  1. Good to hear that positive things are afoot. Cudos on the shrink, joint & wine.