Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Heat Wave

Just a quick one, I need to complain about the weather.
Usually every year in Oct/Nov I take the kids for a week down to Adelaide to visit Mum. It's generally pretty cool still down there, brisk in the evenings, dry and fresh and clean in the day.
We didn't do that this year. At this point I have no holidays booked in the foreseeable future (thinking about plenty, but nothing real yet) so I FEEL LIKE I'M STUCK IN HELL.
My study is a cosy little room at the end of our house that I generally forget to open the curtains in and if I leave the aircon running for 10 minutes it is a lovely little ice box. It's currently only been running for 6 minutes and I have streams of sweat whispering down my back, beads of perspiration on my brow and rapidly melting icecubes in my wine glass.
Yes I know it's only 4.45pm, I've given up caring. This weeks vice (and last weeks, and possibly next weeks too) will be wine. I'm finding it takes the edge off nicely.
Things should improve shortly, but it may be too late for my recently acquired spray tan. Hopefully the stripey look is in. I am going to 3 different social occasions this week and I needed something to hide the wine glow/boat I've been developing. It's certainly helped, however I can't go swimming for 3 days or I risk the whole thing disappearing, which is like cutting off my nose to spite my face. Or something like that. My brain function is running low trying to conserve energy, must not overheat, do not swim your skin will go white...
I haven't done a full 5k run in almost 2 weeks. I've attempted a few, but for the first time since I became 'a runner' I have given up after 5/10/12 minutes. I'm pretty sure I managed 12 minutes the other day, but I may have been hallucinating from the heat. It's unbearable. The heat, not the giving up. I'm beyond caring.
I hereby declare I will run naked into the next wonderful wet season storm that hits Darwin. Let's hope it hits whilst I'm at home.

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