Monday, November 25, 2013

Community Dinner

I reckon there is 100 people easy. Kids, trendies, refugees, locals, staff.
I'm 5th on the schedule sheet.
We eat dinner, sit through a lady who talks about community gardening, a bunch of kids get drama awards, a lady sings the blues, a young girl sings some pop.
Then it's me. On the stage, spotlights in my eyes, microphone in my face.
I read it beautifully. Less than a minute in my gorgeous Maggie joins me on stage and spends the entire performance wiggling around my legs, enjoying the extra attention. She centres me, makes it more natural for me to tell this Mummy story.
I had been nervous people would get distracted and would talk amongst themselves. They didn't. They listened, and laughed, some even cried.
I get a huge round of applause. I walk off stage and a lady reaches out to me, tears running down her face. This very day she had put her own teenage daughter on a plane to go overseas for a month. My words had meant so much to her, today. Strangers stop me, compliment me, I even get some cuddles. My kids and my Josh look so proud. I am so very proud.
If I could bottle this, I'd make a million bucks. More.
I was scared, but I did it anyway. It feels bloody marvellous.

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  1. Oh crap! did I miss it? I had it down for the 5 Dec (in town)????? Perpays you'll come back and tell me this was a different one and you are still scheduled for the 5th? Sorry! But congratulations, I didn't doubt your ability (either to write or read) for a minute, well done xo