Sunday, November 25, 2012

A New Week

I've weaned myself off wine (for the time being) so I'm part way to feeling terrific again.
Asides from tearing my 6 year old son a new asshole for not opening the driveway gate this morning. In hindsight, a definite overreaction, but at the time, a definite rage. Poor kid. Mother Guilt is officially in fine working order today.
Damn there is a bit of a comedown after what I think may have been a 10 day wine bender? No wonder my tolerance was increasing! No wonder I barely managed to walk the dog for 20 minutesas exercise. No wonder I currently can't see my fanny - far too much tummy hanging down.
In admitting all that, here is what I have done since yesterday.
Yesterday, a 3km jog, slow, unpretty, at times very huffy puffy, but I did it. 20 minutes uninterrupted. Back on the horse as they say, onward and upward from here. A 60 second plank, 5 minutes worth of sit ups. There is definitely some muscle under all that fat, just got to get to it now...
This morning I woke up at 6.30 and Maggie and I took the dog for a 30 minute walk. Almost cooler at that time of day. Almost.
Later today I attended my first Pump class at the gym in a LONG time. Yes I know I'll be sore tomorrow. In fact, just in case I'm sore today, which I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be, I've taken some Nurofen. Always good to cover the bases.
My living room floors are so dirty they have actually started to call out cries of help to me when I walk over them, 'wash us, mop us, please', so I'm hoping this wonderful motivation might continue later in the day & result in some shiny floors. At this point I've actually spent more time thinking about doing them, than it would actually take to do them.
I plan to get straight on that, after I do my 30 minute guided meditation (Topic: GetMotivated!), get my daughter to sleep, eat lunch, wash dishes, hang out washing...god I'm exhausted just writing it.
To Be Continued...

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  1. I hear you!! My floors felt different to walk on the last time I cleaned them, they'd gotten such a scum over them. By the time you do everything else in the day you're simply exhausted & wine is the best antidote to small people who constantly need you.

    The best tip I've gotten thus far from the 12wbt is exercising in the morning so that it's done. Also getting to bed early so you can get out of bed.